Why should I visit Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki is a magical, beautiful city with so many things to do and places to visit! Everything we say about this city is not enough. No one has ever been to Thessaloniki just once, everyone loves to come back again and again. We love Thessaloniki for…

  • The local’s mentality
    Locals use the word χαλαρά (halara) which means loosely. The city’s people are calm, cheerful and are not in a rash. Who wouldn’t love Thessaloniki, a city that ‘moves’ on its own rhythm and brings calmness and tranquillity to everyone?
  • The reach Gastronomy
    Thessaloniki is known for tasty food and even tastier desserts. Cream filled plyllo cones, Greek suite bread, custard Pies with phyllo crust, and many other desserts and pastries… You won’t know what to try first! Thessaloniki’s Gastronomy gets crossed with West and East and is inspired from Greek, Jewish, Byzantine and Turkish Cuisine, creating a delicious combination.

  • Going Shopping
    It’s hard to be in Thessaloniki and not walk around to go shopping. Thessaloniki’s downtown is full of stores for all preferences and budgets. Visit the open markets, the many stores that sell spices, and the famous Tsimiski and Mitropoleos streets.
  • The many events
    In Thessaloniki, many important events and festivals take place during the year. Thessaloniki International Fair and Thessaloniki International Film Festival are the most important ones. Any time of the year you visit Thessaloniki you will definitely find something interesting to do, like going to the theater or to a concert.
  • The New Beach
    The 3,5 km New Beach attracts locals and visitors in Thessaloniki. Take a walk or ride your bicycle, take photos under the famous ‘Umbrellas’ and enjoy the mesmerizing view.

  • The vivid nightlife
    People of Thessaloniki who love having fun, thousands of college students and regardless of age travelers compose this wonderful city. Thessaloniki is constantly full of life with hundreds of cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs. At Valaoritou Street, at Ladadika, at the Port or anywhere else you choose to go, you’ll find many places to go out and have fun.
  • The White Tower
    Did you know there is a song for the White Tower? It’s Thessaloniki’s landmark and the most famous sight of the city with hundreds of people to visit it every day.

  • Halkidiki
    It’s not in Thessaloniki but certainly, everyone who visited Thessaloniki during the summer, also visited Halkidiki. The beaches are amazing, with crystal clear waters and most of them are organized. Also, many of them have the blue flag.


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